About Us

At StrapLock, we understand the struggle of finding the perfect fit for your snapback or trucker hat. That's why we created our interchangeable fashion accessory, designed specifically to provide additional stability to the hat straps while also giving you endless options for styles to express your unique self.

Our journey began with the founder's personal experience of growing out their hair during the pandemic and struggling to find a solution for their favorite snapback hats to still fit comfortably. Armed with an idea and determination, StrapLock was born. After multiple prototypes and a patent application, the perfect design finally emerged and the business began.

Our product not only helps those with larger hair styles extend the size of their preferred snapback but it also a fashion accessory for those who want to express their unique style. With StrapLock, you can easily switch up the look of your hat in seconds and match it with any outfit. Upgrade your hat collection with StrapLock - the ultimate interchangeable fashion accessory for snapback and trucker hats!